DevOps Done Right

A platform-centric approach to shipping software frequently, predictably, and with better quality.

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The Practical DevOps Playbook

Everyone talks about 'DevOps culture' but culture is just the symptom. The underlying problems with DevOps are a general lack of clarity around what success looks like, a fragmented toolset without end to end visibility, and ad-hoc implementations. Doing DevOps right means approaching DevOps in a systematic, platform-centric fashion and letting the culture fall into place naturally. Fix the root causes and the symptom will go away.
DevOps automation playbook

A platform-centric approach to DevOps


Declarative workflow engine that makes it easy to automate DevOps pipelines across all environments, projects, and tools across your organization.


The storage of stateful information related to the DevOps activities, including service discovery, secrets/config, artifacts, and DevOps metadata.


Operational management of all DevOps activities and responses to operations events like auto-scaling of DevOps infrastructure, and deployment rollback.

Job runtime

Infrastructure and environment preparation required for executing the workflow configured using Automation Engine. This includes standard runtime images, serverless nodes, and more.


Organization wide reporting, audit and analytics on the status and performance of all DevOps activities. Single Pane of Glass view for DevOps transparency.


Native support for all third party tools, languages, and services used across all applications. Flexible enough to support new technologies with minimal to no rewrites.

What can you do with Shippable?

Provision infrastructure

Provision infrastructure for all environments and keep it consistent and free from drift

Continuous Integration

Get immediate feedback about code changes and fix bugs as soon as they are introduced.

Continuous Delivery

Automate deployments into all environments for predictable, error free releases.

Release Management

Manage releases with semantic versioning, one click rollback, and approval gates.

DevOps for Docker

Build, ship, and deploy Docker apps to any orchestration platform.

Immutable Servers

Continuously deploy immutable infrastructure with complete version control.

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