Simple CI, CD, and DevOps automation

Ship code faster with an "Assembly Lines" platform for your applications

Automate everything between "code to prod"

Event-driven workflows

Define Continuous Delivery workflows across Dev/Test/Ops/SecOps with a declarative configuration language. Version and reuse your workflows to scale automation across applications and microservices.

Pre-configured runtime

Leverage ready-to-go runtime images pre-configured with your favorite tools and CLIs, updated every month with latest versions. Simplify automation scripts with automatically generated environment variables.

Run on any OS

Run jobs on popular Operating Systems like Ubuntu, Mac OS, Windows, and CentOS. Test against multiple platforms and view results in a consolidated way. ARM on Ubuntu is also supported without needing emulators.

End-to-end visibility

View all workflows in a real-time, interactive "Single Pane of Glass", with complete trace ability and audit trails. Focus on the information you need with customized views. You'll never depend on anyone for data again!


Store sensitive information like passwords, tokens, keys, etc in our integrated Vault. Your secrets are encrypted at rest and in flight. Manage secrets centrally without needing to update automation scripts.


Gain insights into meaningful statistics and trends that will help you measure workflow performance and code quality at a job, team, and organizational level. Identify anomalies and optimize your processes based on real data.

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Mathias Brodala

Software engineer @ Pagemachine

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Software Engineer @ Pixvana

Shamasis Bhattacharya

VP Engineering @ Postman Labs

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What are DevOps Assembly Lines?

In this video from the 2017 Geekwire Cloud Tech Summit, Shippable CEO Avi Cavale explains the biggest challenge with implementing DevOps in an organization and the need for an "Assembly Lines" approach that applies the principles of hyper-efficient car manufacturing to DevOps.

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