About us

Why we exist

We are a group of folks who believe that whoever innovates fastest wins. Organizations have been quick to adopt agile principles in their development processes, but the process of shipping software is still riddled with homegrown solutions cobbled together in a fragile way.

If you produce code faster but it still takes a long time to get it to your customers, have you really benefited from agile?

DevOps is the answer to speeding up software delivery. While the culture component of DevOps needs to come from within the organization, a strong automation platform is necessary to create transparency, agility, and ease the pains of adopting DevOps. We have built Shippable to be this one stop automation platform that makes it stress free to adopt DevOps practices and achieve faster innovation.

Shippable is headquartered in Seattle, WA

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify DevOps and make it systematic with an Assembly Line platform that is heterogeneous, flexible, and provides complete visibility across your DevOps workflows.

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The Shippable DevOps Advantage

  • Connecting your "Islands of automation" into interconnected end-to-end workflows that enable toolchain collaboration.
  • Defining your workflows as-code with a common, declarative specification language that is easy to learn and templatize, and versioned.
  • Gaining powerful end-to-end visibility with rich logistics that support management, insight, and audit capability.
  • Integrating with technical stacks and application architectures of today and the future with a simple plug-and-play interface.

Meet our Leadership

Avi Cavale, CEO of Shippable

Avi Cavale

Co-founder & CEO

Manisha Sahasrabudhe, VP Product Management at Shippable

Manisha Sahasrabudhe

Co-founder & VP Prod Mgmt

Tom Trahan, VP Business Dev and Sales at Shippable

Tom Trahan

VP Sales & Biz Dev

Ragesh Krishna, VP Engineering at Shippable

Ragesh Krishna

VP Engineering

Meet our Board

Chris DeVore, Director

Chris DeVore


Tim Porter, Director

Tim Porter


Joe Beda, Advisor

Joe Beda


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