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Ansible + Shippable for CI/CD

Ansible is a simple, yet powerful, tool for IT automation activities like infrastructure provisioning, config management, deployments, etc. It is easy learn, secure, and agentless.

Ansible is the perfect complement to Shippable since the functionality provided by both platforms is very complementary. Similar to Shippable, all configuration using Ansible is in the form of a Declarative YAML language which can be versioned and reused.

Ansible + Shippable for CI/CD and DevOps

Using Ansible and Shippable for CI/CD and DevOps
Ansible Shippable
450+ modules to create and manage infrastucture, build AMIs, manage config, and many other tasks Event-driven workflow automation platform for Ansible playbooks, in addition to 50+ popular tools used by Dev/Test/Ops/SecOps teams
Thriving open-source community with 1000+ contributors Native functionality for Application Release Automation actions such as CI, deployments, manifests, releases, etc
Declarative YAML language for versioning and reusability Single Pane of Glass provides visibility and analytics across all DevOps activities
Secure and agentless Runtime images with pre-configured tools, CLIs, languages, etcManages state information across playbooks
Low learning barrier Manages state information across playbooks and makes playbooks reusable with runtime injection of config & state
Controls access with roles and permissions
Trace information and audit trails for every activity and resource
Ability to define approval gates

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Leveraging Ansible in CI/CD

Continuous Delivery with Ansible

Learn why Ansible and Shippable are perfect complements for complete CI/CD and DevOps workflow automation.

Continuous Integration with Shippable

Provision AWS infra with Ansible

This tutorial walks you through a simple scenario of provisioning AWS infrastructure with Ansible.

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