Seamless CI/CD and DevOps for Bitbucket Cloud

CI/CD and DevOps pipelines for Bitbucket Cloud

Shippable natively integrates with Bitbucket Cloud to give you powerful DevOps automation pipelines that ship your applications from Bitbucket Cloud to production in a fast, reliable manner. For every commit or pull request to your Bitbucket Cloud repositories, we will run CI and automate deployments across successive environments (like Dev, Test, Staging, Prod). You can also manage releases with semantic versioning and approval gates, automate infrastructure provisioning, view and manage pipelines across your organization, and perform a host of other DevOps activities.

CI/CD and DevOps Automation for Bitbucket

Shippable's DevOps platform

"We chose Shippable to add CI/CD for our Bitbucket Cloud repos due to its great performance, rich features and constant updates. By now it empowers a major part of our CI/CD workflows and QA with automated tests and deployments. This allows us to heavily reduce errors and ship changes as often as possible."

~ Mathias Brodala, Software Engineer @ Pagemachine

Shippable Bitbucket

OAuth for Bitbucket

You can sign in with your Bitbucket Cloud credentials. Your projects and repos will be pulled automatically. No need to create an account!

Get started in seconds

No need to install plug-ins or manually create webhooks. Enable a project with a single click and start building with a simple YML config!

Single Pane of Glass

Enjoy full visibility into DevOps pipelines across your organization with our real time, interactive Single Page of Glass view.

Test against a Matrix

You can trigger multiple builds per commit to test against multiple language versions or environments. Learn more

Native Docker support

Build Docker images, push to a Docker registry, or even run Docker compose. You can also deploy to any Container service of your choice. Learn more

Bring your Own Node

Run builds on your own machines, even behind a firewall. Enjoy best of both worlds: on-premises nodes and SaaS orchestration. Learn more

One-click rollback

Rollback to a previous deployment with a single click. This important feature gives you peace of mind in 'deployment-gone-bad' cases.

Secrets Store

Store sensitive information in Vault and abstract secrets in your automation scripts to prevent accidental disclosure.

On-demand environments

Automatically spin up complete test environments on-demand and tear them down when testing is complete.


We respect your Bitbucket Cloud project and repository permissions to limit access to your pipelines information.

Integrated with Hipchat

Send customized Hipchat notifications for the events you choose like status for builds or deployments.

Integrated Test and Code coverage

Rich visualization for test and code coverage with drill down capability. JaCoCo is also a first class citizen.

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