Comparing CircleCI and Shippable for CI, CD, and DevOps

Quick overview


CircleCI offers a hosted Continuous Integration (CI) service that lets you automate unit testing for your applications. It was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

CircleCI is also available as an on-premises installation for GitHub Enterprise users.


Shippable offers a DevOps automation platform that includes CI, release management, continuous delivery pipelines, infrastructure provisioning, etc. We were founded in 2013 and are headquartered in Seattle.

Shippable is available as a hosted service for GitHub, Bitbucket users, as well as on-premises for GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, and Gitlab.

How do Shippable and CircleCI stack up?

We often come across folks who ask us: How are you different from CircleCI?

In a nutshell, CircleCI is a CI platform, while Shippable is a DevOps automation platform that includes CI. Shippable helps you automate deployments across successive environments (like Dev, Test, Staging, Prod), manage releases with semantic versioning and approval gates, automate infrastructure provisioning, view and manage pipelines across your organization, and perform a host of other DevOps activities.

Measuring DevOps reality with a quantitative score

You can also choose to connect your favorite DevOps tools to your Shippable workflow if you want to continue using some of them. As an example, we provide native CI out of the box, but you can also use CircleCI (or Jenkins/TravisCI/Codeship) for CI and hook up the rest of your DevOps workflow with Shippable.

The following tables compare CircleCI and Shippable on three main pillars: CI/CD and DevOps, Integrations, and Pricing.

CI/CD and DevOps Features

CircleCI Shippable
Automated builds: Builds are automatically triggered when you commit to source control or open a pull request.
YAML config: All configuration is driven with yml which lives with your code.
Parallel tests: Split your test suite across multiple machines to speed up builds and get faster results.
Premium Docker support: Native Docker workflows with latest Docker versions, Docker compose, and caching.
Single Pane of Glass: View and manage all pipelines across the org on a real-time, interactive dashboard.
Testing against multiple environments: Trigger multiple builds with different environments or language versions.
Bring Your Own Node: Get benefits of SaaS while running your own dedicated build infrastructure, even behind a firewall.
Secrets Store: Abtract passwords, keys, and other sensitive information from config without secure vars.
On-demand environments: Spin up complete test environments on-demand and tear them down when testing is complete.
Continuous Delivery pipelines: Define end to end workflows from source control to production.
Multiple environments with promotion workflows: Deploy into a series of environments like Test, Staging, Prod.
Share resources across pipelines: Centrally manage resources like clusters and make them available to pipelines across your org.
Stateful jobs: Pass state between job runs or between connected jobs.
End-to-end traceability: Track which commits are deployed. Trace each error back to a commit.
Release management: Version your releases and define manual or automated approval gates.
Deployment rollback: Roll back your deployment in a couple of clicks if something goes wrong.
iOS builds: Run builds for your iOS mobile applications. Q4 2017
Windows containers: Native support for Windows containers. Q4 2017


CircleCI Shippable
Source Control Providers
GitHub Enterprise
Bitbucket Server
Artifact Repositories
Docker Hub
JFrog Artifactory
Amazon ECR
Docker Trusted & Private registry
Native Deployment to Docker Orchestration platforms
Docker Cloud/Datacenter
Amazon ECS
Google Container Engine (GKE)
Joyent Triton

Hosted Pricing

CircleCI Shippable
Free tier: One parallel build Unlimited open source builds
1500 build mins/mo limit for private projects
Unlimited open source builds
150 builds/mo limit for private projects
Paid: Each additional parallel build $50/mo $25/mo

Enterprise Pricing

CircleCI Shippable
Annual subscription $35/user $20/user
Contract renewable at 50%

Enterprise/Premium Support

CircleCI Shippable
Monthly subscription Starts at $2000/mo Starts at $500/mo

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