Enable Continuous Improvement

Measure and evolve your processes to ship code faster

Identify bottlenecks in Continuous Delivery

Identify bottlenecks

Benchmark organizational efficiency

Benchmark org efficiency

Measure code quality

Measure code quality

Identify bottlenecks that are slowing you down

Find the long pole processes and workflows

Color coded jobs

Find failing jobs and bottlenecked workflows at a single glance. Your dashboard will update in real time to show you the latest status across all applications.

Color coded jobs

Organization-wide analytics

In addition to project level analytics, you can track metrics across projects in one organization level dashboard. Know which projects are shipping rapidly and which need help.

Organization wide analytics

Benchmark org efficiency

Learn if you're getting better or worse

Our detailed analytics and metrics will tell you if your organization is improving for key KPIs like development velocity and code quality.

Compare against similar organizations

You can ask us for a custom report that compares your metrics against benchmarks across all software teams using Shippable.

Organizational CI/CD and DevOps efficiency
Measure code quality trends

Measure code quality

Code coverage trend graphs

Learn how your code coverage has evolved over time. Set alerts to find out when coverage drop below your benchmark. Enjoy code coverage visualization integrated with each build report.

Code quality reports

Measure the quality of your commits and pull requests so you can improve over time.

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