Optimize DevOps Operations

Use Pre-configured runtime images and save with on-demand nodes

Leverage pre-baked runtime images

Automate infrastructure management

Reduce infrastructure expenditure

Use pre-baked build images

80+ popular languages, services, and tools

Our standard build images are updated monthly with the latest versions of supported languages, tools, services, and CLIs. Images are versioned, so you can always get the tools you need.

Multi-OS support

Build images are available for x86 platforms such as Ubuntu 14.04/16.04, Windows, CentOS, etc as well as Arm.

Ready to use build images with DevOps tools pre-installed

Automate infrastructure management

Make infrastucture a part of your CD workflows

Support for infrastructure provisioning tools like Ansible and Terraform

Multi-tool support

All popular DevOps tools like Ansible, Terraform, Chef, and Puppet are natively supported and you can use any of the commands and CLIs directly in your yaml config. Provision infrastructure on any cloud, including AWS, GCP, Azure, etc

Template configurations

Templatized jobs

Write DevOps template scripts with placeholders, and let the platform handle the complexity of replacing the right values depending on context. You can control access to each script to prevent accidental execution.

Automated security patches

Automated security patches

Roll out security updates to all your machines in an automated fashion. Notify stakeholders when security patches are available or are applied. Trigger any dependent workflows to update all environments with the latest patches.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Spin up build nodes and environments on-demand

On-demand nodes

Spin up build nodes when needed, and stop them when not in use. Stop paying for idle infrastructure and buy nodes at 50% less than AWS EC2 prices.

Transient test environments

Spin up complete test environments as part of your workflows and automatically destroy them if all tests pass. Reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Node pools

Create node pools and assign each job to a specific pool. Use bigger nodes for jobs that are resource intensive, while using small nodes for lightweight jobs.

REST API to manage nodes

Use your own infrastructure if you want enhanced security and control. Use our REST API to create build calendars and maximize utilization of your build machines.

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