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Why Shippable?

It is currently not easy for any organization to adopt DevOps and achieve the goal of making software releases frequent, predictable, and error-free. Our Practical DevOps playbook explains why DevOps is so hard and the many challenges that stop organizations from successfully making the transition.

Shippable was built to make DevOps systematic, i.e. remove the complexity and challenges around adopting DevOps. To help you with this, we have built a platform that lets you easily provision, build, test, and deploy any application anywhere.

Using Shippable's simple declarative language, you can define your DevOps workflow as a set of 'jobs' that are executed in sequence or in parallel. Each job has a set of 'input resources' that are used during job execution. Since Shippable is built as a platform and has native integrations with popular DevOps tools, you can connect your tools to your workflow and get end to end visibility across your pipelines. We are completely unopinionated about the tools you choose or the workflow you want. Our goal is to make DevOps systematic and make your life easier as you start on the journey towards full DevOps maturity.

The following sections explains in more granular detail how Shippable's DevOps Automation platform includes all facets of the DevOps Cube.

Shippable makes DevOps easy and systematic

The DevOps Cube


  • Quick Config

    Declarative yml-based configuration, version-controlled in your source code repositories. Learn more about our CI and CD config

  • Modular Pipelines

    Easily combine blocks of config to create new pipelines and share pipeline blocks across the org.

  • Custom Plug-ins

    Extension framework for creating your own declarative automation jobs specific to your organization

DevOps Automation Engine
DevOps Automation Runtime

Job Runtime

  • Standard Image Library

    Use our standard, ready-to-go job runtime images or use your own custom image. Save time spent in installing packages and dependencies at runtime.

  • Automatic Env Variables

    We automatically generate and inject environment variables for all your job inputs, which can be used in your automation scripts. Learn more

  • Flexible infrastructure

    Run your jobs on Shippable's hosted infrastructure, or Bring Your Own Node (BYON). With BYON, your code never leaves your network and you have flexible node capacity and complete control over your build infrastructure. Learn more


  • Secrets Store

    We use Vault to securely store your sensitive information like keys, tokens, passwords, or any custom key-value pairs. Your secrets are abstracted in your automation scripts to prevent accidental disclosure.

  • Service Discovery

    Use our out of the box Service Discovery to easily allow your services to find and communicate with each other. Our platform includes Consul for service discovery, but you can also connect your own custom Service Discovery mechanism.

  • DevOps State

    We maintain current and historical record of the state of resource and job in your DevOps automation pipelines. Audits are now a breeze.

DevOps Automation State
Visibility across all stages of the DevOps Automation pipeline


Single Pane of Glass

Enjoy full visibility into your DevOps with our real time, interactive Single Page of Glass view. Control how business value flows through your pipelines by pausing or running any portion.

My Dashboard

Create personalized dashboards to quickly view the DevOps activities and pipelines you care about.

DevOps Insights

identify how far along your organization is towards full DevOps maturity with key performance metrics, including a scorecard.


One-click Rollback

Rollback to a previous deployment with a single click. This important feature gives you peace of mind in 'deployment-gone-bad' cases.

DevOps Monitor

Monitor and track utilization and system performance of your DevOps Automation infrastructure.

Smart scaling

Easily scale up or down your DevOps Automation infrastructure with Shippable’s out-of-the-box auto-scale options or by hooking up Shippable with your operations monitoring tool of choice.

DevOps operations
Integrations with DevOps tools


Connect your DevOps tools

We integrate with all DevOps tools and give you an easy way to put them all together into one continuous pipeline with full visibility across all your tools.

Plug ‘n Play repositories

We support authentication with hosted and on-premises source control providers like GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, and Gitlab Enterprise.

Premium Docker support

Implement Docker based workflows with our native integrations to all popular Docker registries and Container Services. Learn more

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