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Shippable provides software organizations with the ability to optimize and accelerate the process of shipping software by giving them an "Assembly Lines" platform that borrows concepts from the world of manufacturing and helps them easily achieve Continuous Delivery.

Cutting-edge modern companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Netflix have already built homegrown versions of Assembly Lines after spending years of effort and millions of dollars.

You can ship applications as rapidly as these companies by leveraging our platform. Best of all, you do not have to rip-and-replace anything!

Shippable helps you accelerate software releases by:

Achieving Continuous Delivery by automating CI and DevOps activities and connecting them into streamlined end-to-end workflows that enable toolchain collaboration.

Optimizing DevOps Operations by providing ready-to-use build images with all popular languages, tools, services, and CLIs pre-installed.

Securing your workflows with native secrets management, abstraction of secrets from automation scripts, and machine-level job isolation.

Enabling Continuous Improvement by empowering you with analytics and insights that tell you where your bottlenecks are, so you can improve and accelerate.

The stages of CI/CD and DevOps maturity

Achieve Continuous Delivery

  • Create automation workflows across teams and tools

    Connect all activities involved in shipping software, like CI, Application Release Automation, infrastructure mannagement, etc, into streamlined end-to-end workflows with a simple declarative YAML-based configuration.

  • View workflows in a Single Pane of Glass

    Our real-time interactive dashboard shows you the current state of your workflows. You can trigger jobs, view currently deployed application version, and get trace and audit information on each job. about

  • Standardize CD across all applications

    Shippable supports all types of applications, regardless of programming language, platform, deployment target, or architecture.

Achieve Continuous Delivery
Empower DevOps teams

Optimize DevOps Operations

  • Leverage Pre-Baked Runtime Images

    Use our standard images that have 80+ tools, services, languages, and CLIs pre-installed. Images are updated monthly with latest versions.

  • Automate Infrastructure Management

    Use tools like Ansible, Terraform, and Chef to automate provisioning and management of infrastructure. Create templates and use them in workflows to automatically plug in the right environment and secrets.

  • Reduce Infrastructure Expenditure

    Save over 50% on build infrastructure when compared to running your own. Spin up machines only when they are needed and stop paying for idle capacity.

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Secure Your Workflows

  • Manage Secrets Safely

    Sensitive information like passwords, tokens, and keys, are encrypted in-flight and at-rest. Secrets are abstracted from automation scripts, which makes it easy to rotate them without touching your scripts.

  • Single sign-on with source control

    You can use your source control credentials to sign in to Shippable. We honor roles and permissions set in your source control, so you don't have to manage them in two places.

  • Machine-level job isolation

    Each build node runs one job at a time to avoid resource contention. Build nodes are never reused across Subscriptions, so your data is always safe.

Securing DevOps workflows
Enable Continuous Improvement

Enable Continuous Improvement

Identify bottlenecks

Find out what's slowing you down, both at a project and a workflow level. Evolve your processes and automation to ship code faster.

Benchmark organizational efficiency

Measure your performance against standard benchmarks. Or create your own benchmarks and monitor trend graphs to ensure that your organization improves over time.

Measure code quality

Measure code coverage with our integrated visualizations and detailed reports for popular tools like JaCoCo. Set watermarks that trigger notifications or fail jobs if code quality drops below your watermark.

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