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Accelerate your DevOps transformation and ship code faster!

Getting started with Continuous Delivery and DevOps is hard, and in most cases, getting external help can kickstart the effort and save you a lot of time and false starts.

At Shippable, we have a lot of experience helping organizations automate their workflows in a consistent and scalable fashion. We also train your team on the concepts and philosophy of DevOps, so they can all collaborate in a more efficient manner and work together to create and maintain processes that accelerate software delivery. We also offer several on-boarding packages that can help you get started with Shippable and DevOps automation.

Our approach is focused on helping you get to higher levels of DevOps maturity in the fastest way possible.

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The stages of CI/CD and DevOps maturity


  • Rapid-start templates

    The Shippable platform is designed to let you easily build automation workflows from templates. Our consultants can build templates for your team, allowing you to rapidly scale Devps automation.

  • DevOps best practices

    We can expert guidance around DevOps best practices, so that your organizations approaches automation in a consistent, efficient way.

  • Implementation services

    Our team of consultants can automate your CI/CD and DevOps workflows and train your team to maintain and scale them.

Achieve Continuous Delivery
Empower DevOps teams


  • On-boarding packages

    We offer several packages that will help your team onboard to Shippable and other DevOps tools with a combination of lectures and hands-on workshops.

  • DevOps courses

    We can work with you to design courses that will help your organization understand the DevOps philosophy and create a roadmap for adoption.

  • CI/CD and DevOps assessment

    How good is your automation today? How does it compare to other organizations with similar characteristics? What is the low hanging fruit that will help you speed up your release cycles? Our DevOps experts will help you assess where you are and work with you to create a roadmap for acceleration.

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Premium support

  • 24x7 coverage with warm handoffs

    Our Premium support tier offers complete coverage for Sev 1 issues. Out global support team will work around the clock to resolve your issues and if required, hand off with full context.

  • Phone/Video conferencing/Slack

    In addition to a private ticketing system, you can reach us over the phone or a dedicated Slack channel. We're always happy to jump on a video call to resolve issues when required.

  • Priority handling of feature requests

    You will work with a dedicated account manager to drive feature enhancements for the Shippable platform. Your feature reuests will be treated with higher priority and fast tracked when possible.

Securing DevOps workflows

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