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Single Sign-On

Shippable Server natively integrates with GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, and Gitlab Enterprise! User management, permissions, and source code repositories are synced with your source control provider.

Create Assembly Lines

Connect your "islands of automation" into seamless assembly lines with complete visibility, analytics, and audit trails. Identify and correct errors with a real-time visual dashboard.

Native Docker Support

Use custom Docker images to run your jobs. Build and push images to any Docker registry and deploy docker applications to any Container Orchestration platform, including Amazon ECS or Kubernetes.

Powerful Integrations

Shippable Server offers 80+ native connectors with all popular tools, technologies, and languages to create synergistic activities across diverse toolchains.

Automate DevOps Tasks

Infrastructure provisioning, CI/CD, and release management with gated controls can be automated, minimizing the need for human interaction. Configure easily with a declarative yml language.

DevOps Monitoring

The platform provides continuous monitoring across the entire workflow to detect abnormalities, stop/rollback and fix problems in real-time during any phase of the DevOps workflow.

Secure And Under Your Control

Configure roles and policies to decide who can do what. Have complete control your infrastructure and machine configurations. Ensure compliance with a "behind the firewall" solution.

Save $$ With Dynamic Build Nodes

Configure your build nodes to be provisioned dynamically when a build is triggered, so you only pay when you use them. Cut your build infrastructure hosting costs by over 50%! "Always on" nodes are also supported.

“We researched the available CI/CD and DevOps platforms to find one that was agile, scalable, and needed very little management. Plus, we needed to run it behind our firewall since we handle financial trasactions for our customers. With Shippable Server, we could build custom DevOps workflows with very little effort. Shippable Server has helped us focus on our core product without worrying about how we were going to ship it.”

~ Rommel Tinoco, DevOps @ EFT Software

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