Github Enterprise integration

DevOps pipelines for GitHub Enterprise repos

Github Enterprise is the enterprise version of GitHub. It is a git-based source control provider where you can store and version your source code. Shippable's enteprise offering, Shippable Server, natively integrates with Github Enterprise to give you powerful DevOps automation pipelines that ship your applications to production in a fast, reliable manner. You can also hook up your GHE repositories to our Hosted offering and get started in minutes.

Install on your premises

You can sign in to Shippable with your GitHub Enterprise account credentials. This automatically syncs your organizations and source code repositories and you will see them in your Shippable UI. You can enable a project for CI with a single click and we automatically create the necessary webhooks in GitHub Enterprise.

Merge confidently

You will get instant build and test status for every commit and pull request. This means you will know beforehand if merging a PR will break your CI or merge confidently knowing it won't.

Integrated test and code coverage visualizations

We show you rich visualization for test and code coverage, and you can drill down into what failed or which lines of code were not covered your tests. JaCoCo is also a first class citizen for Java projects.

Security and Permissions

We enforce the same permissions you configure in your source control, so unless someone has access to your projects and repositories in GitHub Enterprise, they will not have access to your builds and pipelines on Shippable. All your sensitive information is stored in Vault and is very secure.