Google Container Enginee (GKE) integration

Integrate your DevOps pipeline with GKE

Google Container Engine provides you dedicated clusters to run modern, highly scalable, high performance container-based environments. With Shippable, you can easily hook up your automated DevOps pipeline from source control to your GKE environments and accelerate innovation.

Eliminate DevOps obstacles

Shippable gives you complete visibility into your DevOps pipeline from source control to production with a real time, interactive Single Pane of Glass view. No more siloed tools which create manual handoffs between Dev and Ops and lead to errors and confusion.

Pipelines as code with declarative yml

Your entire pipeline config is in a simple declarative yml format which lives in your source control. This eliminates clunky UI configuration and ensures that all config changes are versioned and can be rolled back.

Store your credentials securely

Your credentials are stored in our Vault and are only referenced by the integration name in your DevOps pipeline configuration. Never worry about accidently disclosing your credentials!

Skip the learning curve

Nothing enables end-to-end pipelines to flow faster than Docker containers. Shippable helps you get up and running quickly and avoid the painful lessons that come with moving to a container-based architecture.