Hipchat integration

Send Hipchat notifications from your DevOps pipeline

Shippable integrates natively with Hipchat so that you can stay on top of everything happening in your DevOps pipeline. You can also leverage the Shippable APIs to support "ChatOps" efforts in Hipchat.

Stay connected through Hipchat

You can get instant build notifications in your Hipchat channels and stay on top of what is happening in your DevOps pipeline. No need to even go to the Shippable UI unless you see a job failure and need to dig in deeper.

Implement ChatOps

ChatOps is the ability to control your Operations through a chat platform like Hipchat. You can easily trigger jobs and pipelines through Hipchat and manage your end to end Continuous Delivery workflow.

Customize with Shippable API

Build custom slash commands that integrate your Hipchat environment with Shippable's API and gain unlimited flexibility in how you interact with your CI/CD pipeline.