JFrog Artifactory integration

Integrate your DevOps pipeline with Artifactory

As the first, and only, universal Artifact Repository Manager on the market, JFrog Artifactory fully supports software packages created by any language or technology.Artifactory is the only enterprise-ready repository manager available today, supporting secure, clustered, High Availability Docker registries. Shippable makes it easy for you to make Artifactory an integral part of your CI/CD and DevOps workflows.

Push and Pull images from Artifactory

You can create an integration with your JFrog credentials and we will automatically handle signing in and out when you want to interact with Artifactory to push or pull images. You can push to Artifactory after CI passes, and then deploy the JAR/WAR file or Docker container to a Test environment and all the way to Production.

Pull dependencies from Artifactory

You can pull your CI/CD dependencies from Artifactory by using the JFrog CLI during your build. We support it natively so anything that can be done wih the CLI can be handled during the build.

Store your credentials securely

Your credentials are stored in our Vault and are only referenced by the integration name in your DevOps pipeline configuration. Never worry about accidently disclosing your credentials!

Deploy anywhere

You can configure your pipeline to deploy your JAR/WAR files to any endpoint. You can also deploy Docker images from Artifactory to any container service, including Amazon ECS or your Kubernetes clusters running on EC2.