Deploy Docker apps to Kubernetes

Easy Deployments to Google's open source Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a Production grade container orchestration platform with automated scaling and management of containerized applications. It is also open source, so you can install Kubernetes on any cloud like AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, or even just on your own machines on premises. Kubernetes was started at Google and is also offered as a hosted Container Service called GKE. With Shippable, you can easily hook up your automated DevOps pipeline from source control to deploy to your Kubernetes pods and accelerate innovation.

CI/CD and DevOps Automation for Kubernetes

Shippable's CI/CD and DevOps platform

Shippable Kubernetes

Get started in seconds

No need to install plug-ins or manually create webhooks. Enable a project with a single click and start building with a simple YML config!

Flexible deployments

Start quickly with managed deployments, or switch to unmanaged when you need highly custom workflows!

Send notifications

Send customized Slack/Hipchat/email/irc notifications for the events you choose, like deployment success or failure.

Easy rollback

Rollback to a previous deployment with a single yml change. Retain your peace of mind in 'deployment-gone-bad' cases. More...

Single Pane of Glass

Enjoy full visibility into DevOps pipelines across your organization with our real time, interactive Single Page of Glass view. More...

Secrets Store

Store sensitive information in Vault and abstract secrets in your automation scripts to prevent accidental disclosure. More ...

On-demand environments

Automatically spin up complete test environments on-demand and tear them down when testing is complete.


We respect your GitHub organization and repository permissions to limit access to your pipelines information.

Deployment strategies

Deploy with strategies such as Blue-Green, Upgrade, or Replace, depending on the requirements for an environment.