Leverage Nouvola For Performance Testing

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Nouvola + Shippable for CI/CD

Nouvola is a popular third-party service that offers real-world performance & load testing for web, mobile, API and IoT apps so developers, DevOps and engineering managers can release better code faster

You can use our integration with Nouvola to include performance testing as a core part of your Continuous Delivery workflows.

Nouvola + Shippable for CI/CD and DevOps

Using Ansible and Shippable for CI/CD and DevOps

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Leveraging Nouvola for performance testing

Performance Testing with Nouvola

Learn how to set up performance testing with Nouvola within your DevOps Assembly Lines.

Continuous Integration with Shippable

Get started with DevOps Assembly Lines

An overview of how Shippable helps automate various DevOps and CI/CD activities.

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