Shippable support tiers

Choose Premium support for faster SLAs and weekend coverage for agile teams


Perfect for Individuals

  • FREE for Hosted plans with up to 4 minions
  • Public tickets in GitHub support repo
  • No dedicated account manager
  • Queued access to Support engineers

Response SLAs

  • Urgent: 1 hr
  • High: 2 business days
  • Normal: Best effort
  • Low: Best effort


Private tickets for Organizations

  • FREE for Hosted plans with 5+ minions
  • FREE with Shippable Server subscriptions
  • No dedicated account manager
  • Queued access to Support engineers

Response SLAs

  • Urgent: 1 hr
  • High: 1 business day
  • Normal: 2 business days
  • Low: Best effort


Stronger SLAs for Agile Teams

  • UPGRADE option for any plan
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Private Slack channel with Shippable team
  • Weekend support for Urgent issues
  • Service uptime SLAs
  • Influence through Customer Advisory Council

Response SLAs

  • Urgent: 1 hr
  • High: 4 hrs
  • Normal: 1 business day
  • Low: 2 business days


What is the pricing for Enterprise support?

Enterprise support starts at $3600/yr for most plans.

Your price will depend on the size of your Shippable subscription, i.e. the number of minions in your Hosted plan or the number of users in your Shippable Server license.

Please contact our Sales team for a quote.

Why do I need the Enterprise support plan?

It really depends on your needs as an organization. If your team is very agile and needs immediate support for critical issues, the Enterprise support tier will give you complete peace of mind. You get much better SLAs than with other tiers, as well as direct access to our core engineering team with a private Slack channel.

For teams that are willing to wait for a resolution for their issues, Forum or Standard support might be the right choice. The Standard tier is especially attractive since it is included with all Hosted plans with at least 5 minions and gives you a private, consolidated ticketing system for your organization.

What do the Severity levels mean?

Here is how we determine severity of an issue:

  • Urgent: System wide or Subscription wide outage such that your team cannot run builds for any project and/or log in.
  • High: Project wide outage or significantly degraded performance, e.g. build taking twice as long to complete, major functionality unavailable.
  • Normal: Issues limited to one or small group of users.
  • Low: All other bugs, feature requests, and questions.

What are your business hours?

Our business hours are 7am-7pm PST M-F excluding US Holidays.

Please note that all Urgent issues are covered 24/7 and not just during business hours. In addition, issues with High severity are also covered 24/7 for customers with Enterprise Support.

Can I upgrade to the Standard plan?

The Standard plan is offered free of charge to all Shippable Server customers and Hosted customers with at least 5 minions.

If you're on a Hosted plan with less than 5 minions, you can upgrade to Standard support by upgrading your plan to 5 minions.

What is the Customer Advisory Council?

Customer Advisory Council is a group of customers with whom we have the closest relationships. Benefits of being on this council include:

  • Monthly meetings to provide product input, feedback, and discuss feature requests.
  • Preview of upcoming quarterly roadmap
  • Spotlight through customer stories, blogs, and other campaigns

Get more information about our Premium support tier.