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The problem

Before you can deploy your applications and set up automation, you need infrastructure for your environments. These include dev environments, Test, Staging, Production, etc.

All intermediate environments should be perfect reproductions of production so you can catch all bugs that might occur in production and easily reproduce them in any environment. You need your infrastructure to be provisioned exactly the same way each time to avoid problems due to config errors. Provisioning infrastructure manually is a time consuming process and it is impossible to guarantee zero errors. Also, manually provisioned environments tend to 'drift' due to ad-hoc changes over time. The wider the gap grows, you will run into more and more unexpected issues and failed deployments.

Automating provisioning of infrastructure eliminates configuration drift, ensures predictability in what is provisioned, and makes your software delivery process much more reliable.

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The solution

Shippable helps you automate infrastructure provisioning as an integral part of your end to end DevOps automation workflow.

  • We integrate with popular tools like Terraform, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet to help automate provisioning of your environments. You can store your provisioning scripts in your source control repository and any time your scripts change, the environment is updated and this triggers the rest of your DevOps workflow. You can even manage your VPCs and Networking configuration as code.
  • You have a complete history of your config and reproducing a previous config is a one click rollback action.
  • Your infrastructure provisioning is part of your overall DevOps workflow, so you can implement advanced scenarios like configuring Shippable to bring up on-demand Test environments when a new version of your application is available. You can also automate triggering your tests automatically and tearing down your test environment if all tests pass. Save big with transient test environments!

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