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The problem

Shipping software is a complicated process that involves several teams working in parallel towards a software release. It is also error prone due to multiple manual handoffs and release information and tracking done manually with spreadsheets. The teams are siloed and do not have sufficient cross team visibility to avoid conflicts. This causes delays since they often have to react at the last minute to unexpected breaking changes.

For example, Dev and Test teams have to update their environments every time Ops updates the machine image. If they cannot do this immediately or if they find out late, will they need to retest everything. Someone has to decide whether to delay the machine image update or delay the release due to unexpected additional testing. Worse, the teams might have a disconnect and release without retesting, which will lead to production issues.

Delays in software releases have a negative impact on customer satisfaction and can damage your ability to ship frequently and reliably.

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The solution

Shippable's DevOps automation platform lets you manage releases as part of your end to end Continuous Delivery workflow. This helps you avoid manual handoffs and keeps everyone on the same page with respect to what other teams are doing. With Shippable, you can set up your Continuous Delivery pipeline with Zero Touch Automation and complete transparency across teams.

  • Single Pane of Glass (SPOG) view that gives you visibility into the entire end to end workflow.
  • Semantic versioning at any stage for consistently identifying a version of the software package as a release candidate.
  • Configurable manual and automated gates for complete flexibility in managing the release.

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