DevOps Resources

Shippable DevOps Automation Platform Data Sheet

Shippable Data Sheet

Data sheet describing the value propositions, integrations, and primary use cases for Shippable's DevOps automation platform. ...[]

DevOps Assembly Lines whitepaper

The Power of DevOps Assembly Lines

Learn about the current challenges with DevOps and how an Assembly Lines approach can help you ship frequently and reliably. ...[]

DevOps: Getting beyond Happy Talk

In his talk at the Geekwire Cloud Tech Summit, Avi Cavale explains the fundamental problems with DevOps implementations and why Assembly Lines are the answer....[]

Webinar: DevOps Automation

Avi Cavale describes the ideal DevOps platform and shows a demo of how you can easily automate your DevOps pipeline from GitHub to AWS in just a few minutes...[]

Declarative pipelines with Docker

Avi Cavale goes over declarative CD pipelines for Docker and shows a live demo of an end to end CD pipeline - Source Code to Production and Disaster Recovery....[]

Gaming AWS with Docker

Learn how running our service on Docker containers has helped us at Shippable reduce deployment time, while also reducing cost of operations on Amazon EC2 by ~70%....[]

Packet customer story

Packet: Save 70% on build times

Learn how the Packet team leverages the "BYON" feature to accelerate their builds by over 70%...[]

Bang & Olufsen customer story

Bang & Olufsen: Agile CI/CD

Learn why the B&O team believes Shippable provides agile and scalable CI/CD for projects with high processing requirements...[]

Customer story for Ozan systems

EFT software: Behind the firewall

Learn why the EFT team chose Shippable Server to run their CI/CD pipelines behind the firewall...[]

DZone Guide to Continuous Delivery

DZone guide: Continuous Delivery

This guide gives you the lowdown on Continuous Delivery, how to assess your current maturity, and the various tools and processes involved in achieving true automation ...[]

Map of Docker Ecosystem

Infographic: Docker Ecosystem

Docker is the hottest container technology but the ecosystem can be confusing with many overlaps. This infographic provides a simple overview and pros/cons of each...[]