Secure your workflows

DevOps Automation Runtime

Manage secrets safely

DevOps Automation Runtime

Single sign-on

DevOps Automation Runtime

Machine level job isolation

Manage secrets safely

Prevent accidental disclosures and protect your organization

Central secrets store

Shippable uses Vault to store your secrets safely. All secrets are accessed with time and access based tokens, and are encrypted in-flight and at-rest.

Policy-based access to secrets

You can set scope for each secret and grant access at a Subscription or Job level. This ensures that each secret is only available to the jobs that truly need it.

Abstraction of secrets from scripts

You can refer to secrets with friendly names in your automation scripts. This makes it easy to change the underlying secret when you want to rotate them without needing to touch your scripts.

Sanitized logs

We scrub your logs so that no secrets are disclosed if you need to share them for debugging purposes. This prevents accidental disclosures that can cause a lot of heartache.

Single sign-on with source control providers

Automatic sync

You can sign in to Shippable with your source control credentials and we will automatically pull all your repositories and organizations. With GitHub, you can even choose to only grant permissions to public repositories.

Manage permissions in one place

We sync your account permissions for each repository and enforce Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to Shippable functionality based on those permissions. If a team member leaves your organization, their access is automatically revoked.

Visibility across all stages of the DevOps Automation pipeline

Machine level job isolation

DevOps Automation Runtime

Single-tenant build nodes

Your build nodes are only used to run your jobs. All secrets and any artifacts created by the platform during job execution are cleaned up between subsequent runs.

DevOps Automation Runtime

Consistent and repeatable jobs

Since each node only runs one job at a time, the job process is completely isolated. Job can be executed in a consistent and repeatable fashion since they do not compete for resources.

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