CI and DevOps for Windows

Build, Test, and Ship Windows applications faster than ever before

Build with Windows containers and hosts

Bring Your Own Windows Node

With BYON, you can attach your highly customized Windows machines to Shippable's powerful platform and trigger builds and tests each time you commit to your source control.

Create CD workflows

Mimic your development and software delivery process by creating custom Assembly Line workflows. You can even define complex workflows with Application Release Automation.

Single Pane of Glass

View your Windows workflows in the same real time, interactive Single Pane of Glass as your workflows on other platforms. No more switching between tools1

Cross-platform workflows

You can define your Assembly Line across Ubuntu, Docker, macOS, and Windows. For example, test using macOS and lint your code on Ubuntu. The possibilities are endless!

Custom notifications

Send notifications for the events you choose like builds or tests status. Get fast feedback in Slack, Hipchat, IRC, or email.

Run behind your firewall

Run builds on your own machines, even behind a firewall. Enjoy best of both worlds: on-premises nodes and SaaS orchestration. Learn more

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Continuous integration

CI overview

Read how CI works on Shippable and what languages and tools are supported. Learn how to configure your CI workflows and use our various third party integrations.

Continuous Integration with Shippable

CD overview

Easily create simple or complex workflows with Application Release Automation, semantic versioning, approval gates, deployment orchestration, etc.

Continuous Integration with Shippable

Sample project

The best way to learn about anything is to experience it. In less than 10 mins, our sample will walk you through how to set up CI for a simple Node.js app.

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